The main reason that gave us the idea of creating our excursion company was to give an exclusive experience to visitors to the island, also create employment for the islands guides.

In 2009 there was an announcement on the television that gave a bad image of our profession and one day at home, watching a film My life in Ruins, I decided to create a tour company that was synonymous with quality and honesty. Thus Lanzarote Experience Tours was born in 2010.

The beginnings were not easy, but with the aim of always giving a quality service, creating new products and above all, through the comments that our customers have left on different web sites we have managed to create a reputation of good work.

  • Certificate of excellence on TripAdvisor 2015, 2016 and 2018
  • Volcanic Experience Award for the best excursions in Lanzarote
  • Tourism Quality Seal
  • Lanzarote

Unddoubtely the best of Lanzarote Experience Tours is our team:

Carol has been on the island for over 40 years and was one of the first guides in Lanzarote. Now retired and needing to occupy her spare time, helps us answering the phone and emails.

Cristina is our latest addition, she is a graduate in Tourism and an official guide for the entire Canary Isles. She works with the Spanish and German clients.

The administration is run by Mari Carmen and Maribel manages the public relations department.

Our company would not be visible without Hakim, who is responsible for the design and improvements of our web site.

  • Cristina González Tejera

    Cristina González Tejera

    Official Guide

    Hello everyone!. Without a doubt, there are beautiful places around the world, but nobody can deny that Lanzarote is a magical island, with a unique landscape. I understand that sometimes it is not easy to see the beauty of an arid and volcanic land, but I would like to have the opportunity to show you the island and transmit the love that I have inherited through Lanzarote. Neither many of us were able to appreciate its beauty, but we had César Manrique and Jesús Soto, who taught us the way forward. We have achieved a tourist development respecting the landscape, after all it is our home.

    With each step we take together, you will discover what Lanzarote shows to those who dare to know it: its landscapes, people and traditions .

    I wish I could show you the island where I was born.

  • Angela Tejera Bonilla

    Angela Tejera Bonilla

    Manager / Official Guide

    In my case, Lanzarote is where I was born and grew up, where my children, my parents, grandparents and several more generations were born. A land where life has been especially difficult until recently and where men and women have managed to survive respecting their landscapes to leave it as an inheritance to future generations. An island born in the Atlantic with fire and lava.

    I invite you to discover Lanzarote with us.

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values

Our mission

Lanzarote Experience Tours has the mission to offer customers who visit the Canary Islands, the services of quality excursions at competitive prices and adapting to the needs of cruise passengers with the assurance that they will be back to the dock with enough time to follow the itinerary, innovating and adapting constantly to changes in the world of travel.

We are committed to exceed the expectations of each of our customers, suppliers and our environment, providing the best service and the best market conditions; Accompanied by a friendly and cordial treatment, looking for permanent relationships based on the total confidence that is only generated over time, demonstrating compliance and excellence.

To fulfill our commitment, we have professional and trained staff in all the functions of each of our areas, giving the staff a good working environment, making them feel that they are an important part of the company.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be by 2025, the best alternative for cruise excursions in the Canary Islands and to be known in national and international travel, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.

We project ourselves to grow oriented in the quality, security, experience and service for our clients, increasing the profitability of our business, while we work in a sustainable way, impacting positively on the environment, economic and sociocultural environment.

The Values by which we are governed

As part of our corporate culture, we assume the following values as standards or principles of conduct:

First the Customer

The satisfaction of our clients is essential for the success of Lanzarote Experience Tours. We recieve satisfaction when we listen, understand and anticipate your needs and we achieve your expectations.


We are constantly committed to practicing the highest standards of integrity. We are honest, ethical and fair in all our activities. We keep our word and confess our mistakes. We take responsibility for our actions and treat everyone with respect, to ensure that Lanzarote Experience Tours continues to be a company that deserves confidence.


At Lanzarote Experience Tours we have high quality standards and our goal is to improve it continuously in everything we do. We define quality for the safety of our services, for our technical teams, compliance with current legal requirements, the motivation and training of our staff, the integrity of our people and the low impact on the environment.


The Lanzarote Experience Tours activities are environmentally friendly, socially fair and economically profitable. While our services attend to the needs of our clients, they also serve the community, because in parallel we protect and promote opportunities for the future.


In Lanzarote Experience Tours we have understood that our strength and competitive advantage is and always will be our people. Our team spirit unites us. We work to fulfill our common goal of transferring experiences. We cooperate, collaborate and help each other to create a participatory and motivating workplace.

Space for Creativity

In Lanzarote Experience Tours we are open to ideas that challenge the ordinary and the existing ideas. We invite everyone to look for new services, new ways of doing what is known by innovating in what is currently being done. We believe that Lanzarote Experience Tours can grow as a travel agency and our staff can learn in work and private life.